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Gradient Blue is passionate about Cycling, Tours and helping athletes/riders move towards the achievement of their dreams and goals.

Gradient Blue Story

Gradient Blue and all of its elements have been born out of passion. Our passion for bringing the best out of people. Whether it be, finding how to improve our athlete's performance, or taking our tourists on rides they felt they could never complete. We are passionate about helping them to achieve their goals.

With a change of career opportunity, David was looking for a chance to do something he was absolutely passionate about and would be an opportunity to support and inspire others.

Moving his ideas to action – in 2013 Gradient Blue was born.

Col de la croix de Fer
Dale & Kym

Our Mission

To provide cycling trips of a lifetime, that will enable people to ride the world's most beautiful and somewhat challenging rides. All the while adding an experience that they will want to tell all their family & friends about too.

To assist and enable our athletes to achieve their cycling performance goals, through performance-based training programmes, guidance, advice and support.


Our team of guides are very experienced, love to ride and ready for a laugh. Let us show you things you may never find on your own and give you that trip of a lifetime experience.
David Richards
Enthusiastically driven to see the emotions of people when they experience their bucket list dreams

David is a passionate and experienced guide and cycling coach. David has travelled to many countries throughout the world and knows how to navigate the complexities that may arise during international travel. He has a love for riding the high mountains of Europe, and is inspired by the dreams of others to do the same.

In 2013 David was inspired to start Gradient Blue, with a focus on local cycling camps and coaching. Through David’s experience of nearly 20 years of travel, coupled with his more than a decade of cycling tours to Europe, Gradient Blue has expanded to deliver road cycling trips in Europe.

As a coach David has coached junior through to masters aged cyclists. While his focus has predominantly been road cycling, he is also experienced in working with triathlete’s, and off-road athlete’s.

Dale Maizels
Superbly supportive guide, who loves taking care of her tourists.

Dale is a passionate and experienced cycling tour guide. Dale was an athlete first and foremost. With a long history in cycling, athletics and triathlon, Dale finds herself focused on cycling these days. She brings a lot of that experience, coupled with her extensive travel experience and leadership skills, to her role as as a successful tour guide.

Dale loves the entire Tour experience, from uncovering hidden gem must see elements that a tourist may never find on their own, her broad grin when descending a European alpine road, right through to her love of taking photos of interesting parts of the small towns we visit.

Don’t be fooled though because as an athlete Dale is ferocious! Dale is a very successful cyclist in her own right. Dale has competed at very high levels including a top 10 at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Albi, France. Dale has also won Australian Championships, both on the road and in Cyclocross. Dale has a great deal of wisdom and experience to share with all of our people on tour.

Adrian Spain
A guide with a wealth of experience in delivering successful tours

Adrian is the fun-loving consummate professional of tour guides. A wicked sense of humour, coupled with knowledge of the regions that is second to none, Adrian is the guide’s guide.

Adrian is a true world traveller. Born in Africa, English-bred, and a seeker of new and exciting horizons. Adrian holds multiple degrees in the areas of boat building and fluid dynamics. Adrian is a very accomplished cyclists, and has bike packed over Europe with a keen interest in France and Le Tour.

Look for Adrian to give an insightful, humourous and sometimes eventful morning brief of the days activities over breakfast, then regale with tales of his travels over dinner in the evening. Both are well worth it for the audience.

Pete O'Callaghan
TOUR GUIDEPete O'Callaghan
A guide with a wealth of cycling experience in Europe

Pete is one of the most experienced travelling cyclists. Pete has a cheeky way about him. Don’t let that fool you. He is more than loveable larrikin.

Pete is an extremely accomplished athlete, both as a cyclist and triathlete. Pete has raced in multiple European countries with Austria, Italy & Ireland, just to name a few. He will never tell you though as he is equally an extremely humble individual. That’s why we love him!

Pete has won Australian championships as a cyclist. He has competed in many Ironman triathlons as well as qualifying and competing at the biggest triathlon in the world at Ironman Hawaii, Kona. These days he is focused on endurance cycling. It is nothing for Pete to roll home after completing a 200km to 300km ride, so be careful if he asks if you want to do a few more kilometres.

Could this be You
Do you have what it takes to be one of our tour guides?
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